Free Feng Shui Mini-Course: Week 1

Fun With Feng Shui- A FREE 6 Week Introductory Feng Shui Mini Course - Rev Jacqueline J Garner


Over the next 6 weeks, I am going to be leading you through the basics of
Feng Shui starting out with the history of Feng Shui.

Leveraging the power of Feng Shui empowers people to live in harmony with nature, which in turn helps them enjoy better health, increase their wealth, and improve their love life and emotional well being.

Can a 6,000 year old Chinese practice have any relevance in the 21st century? Millions of modern-day Feng Shui practitioners believe the answer to that question is yes. Let's discover why.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that followers believe can be used to influence health, wealth, happiness, and important events for people who live and work in buildings optimized to exist in harmony with nature.

The word Feng Shui is an anglicized version of the original Chinese word Feng Shui which means "wind and water". Some followers also refer to the practice as Kanyu. Kan is the Chinese word for "way of Heaven" and Yu means "way of earth".

No matter what it is called, the practice is as revered today as it was in the third century B.C. when the ruling members of the West Han dynasty first explored the relationship between man and the forces of nature surrounding him.

Master Yang Yun Sang (618 - 906 B.C.), considered to be the grandfather of Feng Shui, wrote many of the classic Feng Shui texts which have been translated to many languages and are still in use today.

While architects in the third century were busy designing the buildings according to the newly-discovered scientific principles, Yun Sang turned his focus to the principles of Feng Shui as they related to building site selection and landscaping.

To this day, architects who practice Feng Shui rely on Yun Sang's teaching to carefully study the lay of the land including nearby mountains and hills, valleys, and the presence of bodies of water such as lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans.

All of this is vital to the practice because, at the heart of Feng Shui are the terms "wind" and "water" which represent a natural balance of the earth's energies, called "qi" (also called Chi). A building that is in harmony with nature will allow qi to flow through it and enhance the lives of those who dwell inside. A building not in harmony will block and divert qi, thus depriving its occupants of the earth's natural gifts.

A dedicated Feng Shui student concerns himself not only with the practice of Feng Shui principles, but with the corresponding cultural and metaphysical principles upon which Feng Shui is founded. This is because Feng Shui encompasses tenants of astronomy, astrology, the cosmological study of the origin, and the nature of the Universe.

But don't be concerned. It is not necessary to be a scholar in order to change your life through the power of Feng Shui. All that's necessary is an awareness of the forces that work together to breathe power into the principles of Feng Shui.

Fun With Feng Shui

Fun With Feng Shui- A Free Online Introductory Feng Shui Mini Course - Rev Jacqueline J Garner


Begin this week, by cleaning & clearing clutter from your environment. Clutter will greatly block the flow of Chi/ qi. Let's be ready to start next week's lesson with a nice, clean & fresh environment!

A couple of "Must Haves" for clearing your environment are Nag Champa Incense & a Singing Bowl or Meditation Bell, such as Ting Sha Bells or a Bell and Dorji.  I have provided a few links for you in the left hand column of this page for some great deals. I buy all of my incense from this supplier, as their prices are VERY close to wholesale, without requiring a large minimum order (You can purchase just one item & still get close to wholesale pricing) and although I have a wholesale license, this supplier does not require one. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this, part one of the Feng Shui 6 part mini course.

Next Week you will discover the key principles and benefits of Feng Shui and how you will benefit by opening your home or work environment up to the power of balanced qi.

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