Free Feng Shui Mini-Course: Week 5

Week 5


This week you'll learn about flying star Feng Shui.

Flying Star Feng Shui (also called Xuan Kong Feng Shui or Fei Xing Feng Shui) is one of the more popular forms of Feng Shui that has been practiced in Asia for centuries.  People who are not familiar with this methodology think it is more like astrology or numerology. But it is completely different than either of those.

The Basic Principles of Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui is practiced using a diagram consisting of nine numbers drawn on what is called the Lo Shu magic square. The pattern of the Lo Shu has its origins in ancient China where the diagrams were originally drawn on the shell of a Chinese turtle's back. More Info

Note regarding orientation within a room: Lower Right is NW, Middle right is W, Lower Left NE, Upper center is S, Lower center is North, Upper right is SW, Middle left is E, Upper left is SE, Center is Neutral.

Like the Bagua, each of the numbers is associated with a color following this pattern:

One = white

Two = black

Three and Four = green

Five = yellow

Six = white

Seven = red

Eight = white

Nine = purple

This allows you to decorate and select objects that match the colors depicted by each number when you are applying the principles of Flying Star Feng Shui.

There are objects specifically meant for this, such as the Brass Wu Lou, a very popular Feng Shui object revered for its power to deliver good physical and mental health, as well as happiness.

Other popular and potent Flying Star Feng Shui objects include Wind chimes, interior and exterior fountains, hanging red scrolls, images and statues of horses, Buddha statues, depictions of dragons, and more.

Here are some of the more popular objects and their symbolism:


The symbol of power and of authority.

Phoenix or Birds

The symbol of renewal, new opportunities, good news, power, and abundance.

Horse or Pony

The symbol of power, strength, fame, speed, endurance and success.


The symbol of luck, good fortune, strength, wisdom, power and success.


The symbol of wealth and money.

All of the objects you choose should be represented by the colors tied to the numbers present in your personalized Lo Shu magic square, and by the materials represented by those colors as found in your Bagua.

Combining your Baqua map with your Lou Shu is a very powerful way to harmonize your home or workplace using the power of Feng Shui. Next week we will learn how to bring good fortune into the home. 

Wishing you an awesome week, filled with loads of Love, Blessings & (((Soul-Hugs))) - Jacqueline

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