Free Feng Shui Mini-Course: Week 2

Free Feng Shui Mini-Course Week 2


This week, we are learning about the key principles and benefits of Feng Shui.

Although some decorators claim to practice Feng Shui principles when working with buildings, there is more to harnessing its power than simply arranging a room in a particular way, or orientating the main entrance of a building in a certain direction.

The Essential Elements of Feng Shui

At its fundamental core, the practice of Feng Shui involves the strategic choice and placement of furniture, plants, decorations, and other objects so that building inhabitants are properly exposed to a balanced qi (also known as chi). Proper exposure results in the ability to experience better relationships as well as an abundance of wealth, success and health.

Anyone who has the ability to influence the interior of a building has the power to enhance the flow of qi by following the principles presented throughout this course.

Beyond the Interior

A building that is being designed or substantially remodeled can be structurally built to also enhance the flow of qi.

A building that is designed according to the principles of Feng Shui is balanced and affords qi the opportunity to flow into the building unobstructed.

The Chinese ascribed certain human depictions to buildings. Facing the front of a building, the left side represents the male Yang forces of the universe, while the right side represents the Yin or female forces.

Feng Shui principles teach that built-out portions of the building, such as the exterior walls, windows, doors, and areas of the roof that are exposed to the sun, all represent the Yang. While shaded portions of the roof, outbuildings, and elevated areas to the rear of the building all represent the Yin.

In order for the occupants of the building to experience maximum qi, the building needs to be balanced between the effects of the Yang and the Yin. Otherwise, the occupants cannot properly experience all of the gifts that qi delivers.

What Feng Shui Delivers in Return

One might wonder whether Feng Shui is "real", or if it is an enduring myth that has survived for nearly 6,000 years.

Here are some questions that can help you understand just how "real" this truly is:

- Do you feel strangely ill at ease when your home or work environment is cluttered, and more energetic and inspired when everything is clean and in its rightful place?

- Do you feel somewhat depressed or lack energy on dark and dreary days?

- Do certain colors energize you while others leave you uninspired?

- Do you feel renewed and recharged when you rearrange furniture in your home or workplace?

Answer "Yes" to any or all of these questions and you have already experienced the power of Feng Shui.

Beyond changes in mood, Feng Shui delivers the ability to sense and respond to opportunities when they reveal themselves. People who are energized and healthy do not miss the gifts of opportunity sent to them by the universe.

Stress impacts the health. Feng Shui reduces stress by reducing the stress-causing triggers that come from living in an unbalanced environment.

Yes, Feng Shui is real, and it is life-changing. Next week's lesson will help you discover exactly how to begin bringing those changes into your home or place of work.



As you clean & clear clutter from your environment this week, begin taking note of the colors in each room & how each color makes you feel. 

Color can be VERY healing for the mind, body & soul.  Each color vibrates at a specific energy vibration.  Your soul knows exactly which colors you need at this time. 

You will know which colors you need, by paying attention to how each color makes you feel.  You want to use colors make you feel great. Colors that soothe, energize & renew your soul are the colors you should concentrate on.

Let's have a little fun with color.  Take a trip to your local paint store and find color swatches that make you feel good.   Bring these swatches home & see how these colors actually feel in each room.

Consider ways that you may incorporate these new colors into your room decor, either with paint or by adding decorations, pillows or even window treatments.

A few of other "tools" that quickly raise the energy in your environment -  a toning with a "Singing Bowl",  lighting incense,  essential oils- these are all great for quickly removing negative & stagnant energies while immediately lifting your spirits!

Wishing you a beautiful week!  Abundant Love, Blessings & (((Soul-Hugs))) - Jacqueline

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