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  • Founder Cherubs 4 Children Ministries
  • Founder International Reiki Academy Of Integrated Medicine & Energy Therapy
  • Founder / Creator Of Reiki Angel Therapy™
  • Energy Artist, Illustrator, Designer Of Fine Gemstone Jewelry & Spiritual Gifts

Joy Quotes: Find Your Joy! The Joy Is In The Journey! - - Internationally Renowned Angel Communicator, Visionary & Spiritual Leader

Following is a Youtube Video Playlist with a few of my own personal video messages that I recorded in order to share some of my thoughts and experiences to inspire, uplift and encourage you. In the first video (featured below) I talk a little bit about my experience in 2002 when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, while going through a traumatic divorce and God sent me an Angel with a beautiful message of healing, along with other uplifting and inspirational thoughts. Enjoy! Abundant Love and Blessings- Jacqueline

A Personal Message From Rev Jacqueline

I want to personally thank you for stopping by my website today.  Life truly is an amazing journey....It has it's twists and turns...Its ups and downs... It's walls, it's doorways... It's bridges and roadblocks, mountains and valleys and even a few roller coaster rides. If only we had some sort of "instruction booklet" or "map" to help us navigate through life, so we could find an alternate route, when life's "traffic" gets backed up and we find ourselves at a standstill, or when we need a way off of a "one way street" that we did not mean to turn down.  


Well, I am here to tell you, that God has given us something even better, he has given each of us an internal guidance system that is directly connected with Him (Term I personally use for God- you can substitute with whomever you are spiritually aligned with). This internal guidance system has radar, sirens, alarms, bells, whistles and all sorts of gadgets to assist you in navigating through this beautiful journey called,life. The only problem that most of us have, is that we have either tuned ourselves out from our internal guidance system and no longer pay attention to it, or we are tuned in, but do not trust or know how to interpret the signals we are receiving.

Through years of experience in developing my  own personal relationship with God, I have personally learned how to become extremely clear, in order to receive and interpret my internal guidance system and I share what I have learned, in workshops, seminars, webinars, online classes and during one-on-one personal guidance and coaching sessions. I also share a lot of free insight, information and tools that have personally helped me.  This site is not about "ME"...It is all about YOU!!!!  I encourage you to explore and share my site. There are many wonderful quotes, videos, resources and tools to help inspire, heal and uplift you.  I add new things all the time, so be sure to check back regularly. 

With all my heart, I want you to know that you are never alone. I want you to experience your most beautiful, joyful, fun-filled, love-filled and amazing life ever. If you have been hurting, I want you to be able heal, taking your life story, all of your experiences, and be able to find the "gift" in each and every situation... Turning each lesson into a blessing that will ignite your passion in order to fulfill your own life purpose and live a life of pure joy. This may include sharing your journey with others to help them heal and grow. Each and every experience is our teacher.  If nothing else, each teaches us true compassion for others. By caring and sharing, we can truly be a healing light in this world.

You do not have to be a victim of circumstances, you can choose to let each situation and experience drive you upward and forward instead of dragging you backwards and down. That, my beautiful friend, is where your true power is- It's in YOUR power to choose, right NOW. In this very moment, you have choices. The key is to recognize the choices you have and to choose those choices that will empower you and move you in the right direction.  

Divine guidance, that internal guidance system, that I told you about earlier, is a tool that you can choose to use to get you on the road to your highest ground.  I want you to know, "God has you in His loving arms and has surrounded you with His Angels, seen and unseen."  There is no need for anyone to ever have to go through this journey alone, and that my dear friend, is important.  Even if that is the only thing that you take back with you after stopping by here today and visiting my website- if for no other reason, to know that 
YOU are Never alone!"   Just know, you did not arrive "here" by "accident".  You were guided here. I hope you are ready to get started on an amazing journey!  

I invite you to explore my website.  I am in the process of updating all 3 of my websites.  My goal is to provide you with as many tools and resources as possible that can help you.  I encourage you to check them all out- even those parts you may not normally consider- because I, personally, have had a few major "Ah-Ha's" in my life, while exploring through places I would never would have expected to find anything at all. Sometimes, that is where you will find the real "gems".  

Please connect with me on facebook too- both on my fan page and my personal facebook page.  On my personal page I have been at my maximum allowed personal friend limit of 5000 for about 2 years, now, but facebook does not have a limit on "Subscribers" and I did not create any different settings for subscribers, verses friends- you are ALL my friends. From time to time, some people deactivate their accounts & an "Official" friend Spot may open up.  If you send a friend request & it tells you I am at my maximum, please "Subscribe" to my personal posts so we may connect in facebook.  


Sending You Abundant Love, Prayers, Blessings & (((Soul-Hugs)))- Jacqueline 

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You are never alone. - Rev Jacqueline J Garner, DD

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